shin splints

What are shin splints?

The term “shin splints” describes pain felt along the front aspect of your lower leg, at the shin bone. Shin splints is a common complaint, especially among participants of running sports.

Most commonly you may experience a dull aching pain on either side of the shin bone associated with muscle tenderness or soreness. Sometimes you might also experience swelling in the lower leg (usually mild if present) or numbness or weakness in the feet.

Common causes of shin splints

The most common cause is overuse or overtraining especially if combined with poor foot and leg biomechanics. Shin splints can be caused by several factors which are mainly biomechanical (abnormal movement patterns) and errors in training.

Can shin splints be treated?

You will be happy to know that yes, shin splints can be treated. Our treatment will help you to:

  • Regain Full Range of Motion
  • Normalise Foot Biomechanics
  • Provide kinesio taping and soft tissue release for pain relief
  • Restore Muscle Strength
  • Modified Training Program & Return to Sport

If you are currently experiencing shin splint issues then feel free to contact us to discuss your goals, time frames and training schedules. We can help to customise a rehabilitation plan for a complete return to sport and minimise your chance of future injury.