Ankle sprain

Ankle sprains are common injuries that affect both general and athletic populations alike.

Inadequate rehabilitation after an acute ankle sprain is considered as the maincause in the development of chronic ankle instability.

Studies have revealed that only 10-30% of ankle sprains fail conservativemanagement which could be due to inept rehabilitation, incomplete rehabilitation or recurrent injuries resulting in anatomical impairments. These cases may be indicated for surgery.

In acute ankle sprains (rolled ankles) patients present with persistent discomfort, swelling, pain or tenderness along the inner or outer aspects of their ankles.

Subjects with chronic ankle instability normally present with the history of multiple episodes of ankle sprain and residual symptoms such as a “feeling of instability” in the joint or “giving way” lasting for a minimum of 1 year, post initial incidence of sprain.

Pain sometimes increases at night probably due to increase in oedema.

Ankle sprains are common injuries that require thorough evaluation and evidence-driven interventions to promote an expedited and complete recovery.

Treatment and management for Chronic ankle sprains include:

  • Ankle range of motion exercises
  • Neuromuscular and proprioceptive training
  • Kinesio taping or Rigid taping
  • Orthotics if indicated
  • Balance and functional training
  • Strengthening the muscles globally along with targeting specific ankle muscles
  • Hands on treatment if persistent swelling or scarring

If you are complaining of sore ankle or difficulty in weight bearing then consult our physiotherapist for evaluation, assessment and treatment of your ankles.